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Why you should look at KARTHIKEYAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES for admission into PGDM Programme
Any top autonomous B school in the country today with AICTE approval invariably will have most or some of the following special features for a student aspirant to look at taking admission into PGDM course  for a bright career.
KIOMS, Warangal embraces all these special features to groom its students become global leaders of corporate world.

» Infrastructure: It is the basic requirement for any B school today to have good ambience with all the facilities like good lecture halls, seminar halls, well equipped library, computer lab, language lab, wifi campus with 24/7 internet facility etc.,. AICTE insists for all these facilities before permitting any institution to run the PGDM programmes. KIOMS has all these features which is conducive for learning.

» Faculty: Well experienced faculty with academic and industry excellence. It is always preferred in a B school to have right blend of academic and industry experience. KIOMS has got very good faculty which fulfills this special feature. The advantage of having this right mix of experience is to bring the practicality to academic delivery. Management education is all about application of the concepts. A B school faculty should be able to have good Research orientation, extending support to the industry in training the employees and helping the industry in providing strategic solutions etc., KIOMS encourages its faculty to support the industry in these vital areas and it helps the faculty also in bringing their experience to the class room.

» Innovative course curriculum: The advantage in PGDM courses with AICTE approval compared to MBA course is the freedom or autonomy for B schools to bring the market driven curriculum in addition to the basic management subjects which are mandatory in the management course. By introducing specialized courses in the course design of PGDM course, B schools attempt to cater to the needs of the industry and that is what the industry looks at any B school for its manpower requirements. KIOMS has introduced a highly specialized mix of courses so that the management students coming out of this institute will be a good attraction to many corporates.

» Innovative and latest pedagogy practices: Compared to traditional MBA courses, B schools always try to introduce innovation in its academic delivery model. It includes case studies, live projects, guest lectures from the practitioners in the industry, study tours both in India and Abroad to study cross cultural environments and the new methods adopted by different industries across the globe, assignments which are again practical observations along with conceptual understanding etc., KIOMS has adopted these innovations from the day one to make its students to become competent business leaders.

» Intensive Institute-Industry interface: Normally good B schools introduce this Institute-industry interaction as part of its course design. A two month industry internship is aimed to make the management students learn the intricacies of management by working as interns in the industry. It is normally done at the end of the first year and thus helps to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It also helps the industry to look at these interns closely. In addition to this internship, KIOMS has adopted a model where industry leaders share their experiences at frequent intervals. KIOMS believes that INDUSTRY-INSTITUTE INTERFACE will be the key for success of the students to become sound management professionals. It also helps the students improve their employability.

» Sound evaluation systems: Instead of traditional system of evaluating the students at the end of the term, B schools in general adopt a sound evaluation system where in it consists of continuous evaluation and term end evaluation so that it brings continuous involvement of the students in learning. KIOMS adopted this model from the beginning.

» Academic advisory board and Governing body: KIOMS has got eminent professionals in its academic advisory board and through their guidance from their rich experience and expertise KIOMS wants to become one of the top 20 B schools in the country within a period of 3 years. Like wise for any institution, good governance is very important. KIOMS believes in transparency and good governance with good value system. Governing body includes such persons who are service oriented and dedicated with sound value systems.

» Tie ups: KIOMS has been making efforts to collaborate with some of the top international and national organizations of repute to make its dream of making KIOMS as one of the top B schools in the country with in next three years.

» Quality Admissions: KIOMS wants to admit the students of better quality with an intensive and scientific process of looking at MBA aspirants across the country. Always quality of students play a major role in the standing of any B school and corporate look for quality students. KIOMS admits the students based on all India aptitude tests such as CAT/MAT/ XAT/ATMA etc., and Group discussion and personal interview along with academic performance and work experience with due weightage of all the components.

» Location: KIOMS is located in Warangal which is the education hub. Warangal is well connected to all major cities in the country. It is just a two hour drive from Hyderabad, one of the fast growing cities in the country today. Warangal is   pollution free and very conducive for learning.

In nutshell KIOMS is the place of learning to become future leaders of the corporate world. KIOMS believes in developing the individual into a holistic personality with its dedicated effort with full commitment to the cause of education.

KIOMS stands for

  • »    KNOWLEDGE
  • »    MASTERY
  • »    SUCCESS

And KIOMS aims at   Knowledgeable Individuals turning into Omnipresent Managers Successfully.

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