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KIOMS always believes that management education in a B School should bring practical application of the concepts so that the knowledge and skills the students get to know in their two year study are  going to be useful once they enter practical work life. Towards achieving this objective, KIOMS conducts the following events to develop these skills. These are the indicative events at KIOMS in this direction.

Intercollegiate management meet:

It will be conducted annually by inviting different management colleges to participate in the competitions to be conducted during this event. There will be formal and informal competitions to showcase their talent. Students of KIOMS will be organizing this event with the able guidance of Faculty members. This event helps the students to develop their management skills like Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR etc.,. Students have to develop the rules and regulations of various competitions and also have to prepare the content of each and every competition for testing the skills and knowledge of the participants. This preparation helps the students of KIOMS to consolidate the knowledge and also apply in the real competitive world to test the knowledge and skills of the competing students in the meet.

Seminars and Conferences:

KIOMS plans to conduct seminars both national and international twice a year on themes which are contemporary in the area of management. These seminars will be highly useful to the students and Faculty of KIOMS to stimulate the minds by listening to the presenters in the seminar. It also provides an opportunity to the students and Faculty to present their views on the said theme by participating as a participant also in the seminar.

Conferences involving luminaries from academics and industry are planned at KIOMS annually on a  given topic of vital importance in the economy so that there will be discussions on the said theme or topic to arrive at a reasonable solution.
Proceedings of the Seminars and Conferences will be published by KIOMS for the use of all concerned and it will be an intellectual gain for the Faculty and students of KIOMS.

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