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It is headed by Dr Venkateshwarlu, Mr Director - Academics, KIOMS

Other members of this group:

  » Mr Shiva Reddy -Asst. Professor,Marketing,KIOMS
  » Mr Sreekanth -Asst. Professor,Marketing and IT.

This specialized group undertakes to make the department of Marketing as GROUP OF EXCELLENCE in the area of MARKET RESEARCH. It includes Market surveys, Market analysis etc activities by involving the students of KIOMS. It helps the students to have market intelligence and a feel about the market. It helps the industry and trade to get the vital information about market analysis so that they can revisit their marketing strategies.  This group aims in providing consultancy services to the industry. It also undertakes training programme on customer service, selling skills etc.


It is headed by Mr. Karthik Pilli, Chairman,KIOMS

Other members of this group:

  » Dr Venkateshwalru,Director - KIOMS
  » Mr Sriram Santosh ,Asst. Professor
This group tries to involve the students with Finance specialization to know the market trends in the area of Finance and other financial services. It conducts sample surveys on financial services and their performance in terms of expectations of the customers. It tries to help small and medium industries to get trained in the vital area of project preparation, working capital asst., improvements in bottom lines

HR Excellence:

It is headed by Mr.Pilli Karthik, Chairman, KIOMS 

Other members of this group:

Dr Venkateshwarlu Director - KIOMS ,
  » Mr.Srujan kumar Reddy Asst.Professor-HR
  » Mr Mahesh Bandaru, Assistant Professor
This group consists of faculty and students with HR specialization. It undertakes  surveys  related to HR issues like employee satisfaction, reward and recognition  policies of companies etc.,  It also conducts relevant training programmes of  role effectiveness, leadership development, personality development, performance appraisal techniques etc.,   

This group also trains the company on ISO, provides consultency services and total quality management (TQM).

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